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Dipl.-Kaufmann <small>(FH), MBA</small> <strong>Lothar Hiese</strong>
Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH), MBA Lothar Hiese Partner / Gesellschafter

Profile of Lothar Hiese

After completing a commercial traineeship, Lothar Hiese studied for a degree in business administration in Hannover, Wolfenbüttel and Paris. Since 1984, he has worked in the consumer goods sector (retailing and wholesaling, manufacturing/processing, brands) and the services/professional services sector. His experience is predominantly with SMEs and he has spent almost ten years working outside Germany.

From 1990, he has held managerial positions in sales, marketing, financial control and finance & accounting, and has gained substantial experience at director level. Since establishing MSP in 2001, Lothar Hiese has regularly worked on projects and interim assignments, mainly in corporate restructuring and growth situations, and as a senior project manager on complex, mission-critical projects (including those with significant IT content).

Lothar Hiese speaks fluent German, English and French.

Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. <strong>Michael Hagmann</strong>
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Michael Hagmann Partner / Gesellschafter

Profil Michael Hagmann

Im Anschluss an sein Studium zum Wirtschaftsingenieur an der TH Karlsruhe wird Michael Hagmann über 5 Jahre für die Top Five-Beratung The Boston Consulting Group tätig. Als Projektleiter führt er zuletzt Teams von bis zu 10 Consultants und zeichnet verantwortlich für Projekte bis 1,5 Mio. €. Nach einer Tätigkeit als Programm-Manager für Siemens Wind Power in Dänemark  tritt Michael Hagmann 2010 als CEO beim marktführenden Zulieferer der Windenergiebranche Marsh Wind Technology (Dänemark, UK) ein.

Seit Ende 2013 ist Michael Hagmann Partner bei MSP und steht dort für Mandate im Umfeld  Anlagenbau, Maschinenbau und verarbeitende Industrie. Aktuell ist Michael Hagmann für MSP als Interim CEO in einem Konzern-Tochterunternehmen im Branchenumfeld Marine Technology tätig.

Michael Hagmann spricht fließend Englisch und verfügt über einschlägige Auslands- und Restrukturierungserfahrungen.

<strong>Bernd Geene</strong>
Bernd Geene Partner / Gesellschafter

Profil Bernd Geene

Nach betriebswirtschaftlicher Ausbildung und Studium der Textiltechnik begann die berufliche Karriere von Bernd Geene bei einem der größten Textil-Auftragsveredler Europas, der TAG Textilausrüstungs-Gesellschaft Schroers in Krefeld. Bernd Geene durchlief dort alle Bereiche der Produktion und des Verkaufs und begleitete erfolgreich eine Umstrukturierung in den Geschäftsbereichen Composites und technische Textilien.
Später hielt Bernd Geene mehrere Beteiligungen an Unternehmen der Textilindustrie und sammelte dabei einschlägige Erfahrung als Unternehmer und CEO.
Seit 2013 engagiert sich Bernd Geene erfolgreich als Interim Manager in Restrukturierungskontexten.
Dipl.-Betriebswirt <small>(FH), BA</small> <strong>Dirk Otto</strong>
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), BA Dirk Otto Managing partner

Profile of Dirk Otto

Dirk Otto combines international experience in line functions, project management and consultancy in the wholesale/retail and FMCG sectors as well as in manufacturing operations. He also has experience in corporate restructuring, including with companies facing impending insolvency.

For the first four years of his career Dirk Otto worked for the Boston Consulting Group in various project environments in Germany and abroad. During a period of more than five years with Bally Management AG, he was responsible for various group projects in addition to his role as head of a national subsidiary. After founding MSP in 2001, he worked at board level with project or line management responsibilities on various assignments in the consumer goods/retail/FMCG sectors and in manufacturing.

During his career, Dirk Otto has spent ten years outside Germany. He speaks fluent German, English and Spanish.

Dipl.-Volkswirt <strong>Jörg Jacob</strong>
Dipl.-Volkswirt Jörg Jacob Partner / Gesellschafter

Profile of Jörg Jacob

After working as a consultant for Lintas, Hamburg for a number of years, Lothar Hiese joined Mars as a senior product manager, subsequently becoming sales director. From 1985 to 1987, he worked for Bacardi Germany as assistant vice president for marketing and sales.

Until 1992, he was marketing director and deputy member of the management board of Underberg AG.

He performed various managerial functions in the Curver Group up to 1998, eventually becoming vice president in charge of product range management. He subsequently became CEO/chairman of the board of directors of Elefanten GmbH (part of the Freudenberg Group) where he was responsible for the restructuring and sale of the company.

He has been a self-employed interim manager and corporate consultant since 2001.

In 2011, he became a shareholder of a biodiesel refinery in connection with a restructuring assignment (MBO) and he is now a managing partner of the firm.

From 2005 to 2006, he chaired the supervisory board of the publicly traded company Berentzen-Gruppe AG.