IT/IT project management

Company FMCG trading company (publicly listed)

Revenue of €2.4 billion, 5,000 employees 
Project type and duration Process optimisation during the roll-out of SAP ERP supply chain management 6.0 based on SAP; 3.5 years (Switzerland)
Our role Overall project manager (project team of approx. 100 internal and external staff)
Background The company was operating with a very old version of SAP. 
There was no integrated, supply chain management IT system integrated into financial reporting for the network of over 1,000 sales offices
Remit and results

The MSP manager took over as the overall project manager (project volume approx. €25 million) and managed all the subproject teams and the implementation partner

  • Definition/adjustment of focus/running order of project for successful implementation
  • Implementation of integrated supply chain management for the company’s own sales offices with real-time reporting transparency in relation to revenue, margins, inventory per article/SKU
  • In parallel with migration of the entire SAP system (FI, CO, MM, SD, Retail) to the latest release of SAP 6.0 (focusing on limiting it to the standard version)
  • Extensive change management in relation to ‘implementing new processes’ in the retail division and in the sales offices
  • Throughout the project, the MSP project manager reported to a steering committee which mainly consisted of executive board and administrative board members.
  • The project was audited by external risk managers on two occasions while it was running.

The project was completed successfully after 3.5 years.