Process optimisation/efficiency enhancement/cost cutting

Company Engineering company, revenue of €220 million 
Project type and duration Process optimisation in assembly/commissioning, nine months, Germany, Austria
Our role Project manager/enabler in construction, assembly, commissioning
Background The company was battling with delays in assembly/commissioning and with shortfalls in their own construction quality and that of their suppliers. Projects were inadequately planned.
Remit and results

MSP specialists took responsibility for optimising the relevant process by:

  • Analysing the starting position in detail – problems, causes, solutions
  • Structuring projects and actions, scheduling and financial control mechanisms
  • Putting together and managing the project team

At the end of the MSP specialist’s assignment, assembly and commissioning run times had been reduced by over 25 per cent. Much closer collaboration on projects resulted in a permanent improvement in the quality level on the supplier side.