Interim management

Company Services/professional services

(German subsidiary of a US global market leader)

Revenue of €20 million, 400 – 1,200 employees, depending on season
Project type and duration Interim management/restructuring, 15 months (Germany)
Our role Managing director
Background Taken over by its parent company in 2006 (with private equity finance), the subsidiary in Germany had not been successfully integrated into the group in terms of the core business processes that are critical to its success. Extremely seasonal business at the end of the year needed to be secured operationally. The company was to be prepared for a long-term upturn in earnings.
Remit and results

As managing director/country manager of the company, the MSP manager achieved the following:

  • Safeguarding of the critical autumn business from an operational point of view
  • Definition and implementation of key restructuring measures in the following areas:
    • HR (particularly the seasonal recruitment process)
    • Optimisation of operational customer service processes
  • Securing and expanding big-ticket business
  • Controlling and managing branches
  • Comprehensive personnel replacement action plan
  • Key role in recruiting successor for managing director positions

Following two intensive high seasons, both in Q4, the business was successfully handed over to a new management team and a new managing director.