Our partnership consists of senior managers with extensive experience (line managers, project managers, technical experts, consultants), who perform specific implementation tasks by joining or managing our clients’ teams. As interim or project managers, we take responsibility at senior management or board level and also manage challenging projects.

MSP’s pool of managers, which currently consists of just over 300 highly qualified senior experts, is composed of MSP partners and associated managers. Consequently, we are able to fulfil remits that are critical to our clients’ business success in many industries and sectors. The selection process for the MSP manager pool involves extremely rigorous quality requirements.

The team: unity in diversity

Complementary skills within our team provide us with a sound basis enabling us to achieve stretch targets for your business.

Our services are provided exclusively by partners with many years of experience in management, consultancy and the specialist areas concerned.

They are people who think like you: like entrepreneurs.

That’s what makes the difference!

Shared values and approach

  • Respect for business achievements
  • We know what you are talking about because we speak your language.
  • We know what we are talking about,because we only do the things we are able to do.
  • Awareness of the consequences of our actions. Awareness that change always involves people.


  • Respectful cooperation with your team.
  • Constructive working atmosphere leading to positive results.
  • Your success is what motivates us.